Gahrad Harvey - Founder / Editor / Researcher


Gahrad was born in Huntington Mills, PA and has a love for genealogy. He has spent many years putting together the information that has culminated in the creation of this website with 1200+ entries dating back to 1549. One of his resources was Sebastian Visscher Talcott’s book, Talcott Pedigree in England and America from 1558 to 1876.
Gahrad began organizing a local Talcott family reunion in 1999 and began inviting other Talcott cousins as he became acquainted with them. In 2009 he realized that 2011 would be the 375th founding of Hartford, CT where John and Dorothy Talcott were among the founders. Gahrad attended a Talcott family reunion being held in Vail, CO in August 2009 to propose holding a Talcott family reunion in Hartford in September 2011. He returned to Northeast Pennsylvania and made the same proposal at the local Talcott family that fall. The proposal was overwhelmingly received by both groups.

The Talcott Family Reunion was held in Hartford from September 13-17, 2011. One hundred people attended the reunion from twenty-one states. It became the first National Talcott Family Reunion. Subsequently, it was decided a more formal organization was needed to continue the reunions. By-laws were written, officers were appointed, and incorporation was filed in the state of Connecticut. On December 20, 2013, the Secretary of the State affixed the Seal of the State of Connecticut to the document, which officially recognized our organization as The Talcott Family Association, Inc.

On July 2, 2014, the Internal Revenue Service recognized The Talcott Family Association, Inc. as a 501(c)(7) tax-exempt organization, a social organization. A 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status would have been preferred; however, the IRS at the time was demonstrating an unfavorable attitude toward organizations seeking non-profit charitable status. Perhaps in the future, a change could be sought which would benefit the Association and individuals or corporations wishing to receive tax-deductible contributions.

Gahrad also set up and administers a limited group on Facebook, Talcott family.

Charles "Chuck" Huffer - Contributing Editor


Chuck was born in Flushing, NY although his family roots are primarily in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  A retired Financial Planner, Chuck has been researching his family history for more than 40 years (Huffer, Burnham, Clevenger, Shirley and related lines).  More recently, Chuck has joined the Guild of One Name Studies, with research into more than a dozen Huffer/Hoffer/Hoffert/Hufford families in the US, England, Australia and elsewhere.  Chuck has made much of his research available online, on his Huffer Family website and with shared Family Trees in

Chuck's Talcott connection is through his wife of 44 years, Gwen Ellen (Wagner) Huffer.  Gwen's mother was Jane Ellen Talcott, a granddaughter of Ralph Henry Sr. and Marian May Day Talcott of Ashtabula and Cuyahoga counties in Ohio.  Gwen learned about the Talcott Family Association from her cousin Tom Talcott and joined several years ago.  Gwen and Chuck have attended one of the Talcott Family reunions, the Third National Reunion in Pacific Grove, CA in 2015.

Gwen and Chuck are the parents of two children, Richard Burnham "Rick" Ishii-Huffer, who lives with his partner Shane in the Seattle area; and Robin Anne Talcott (Huffer) Lynch, who lives in Oahu with her husband Chris and daughter (our first grandchild!) Eleanor Rachel "Ellie" Lynch.

Chuck's post-retirement interests and activities (other than genealogy) include the local Kiwanis Club, an elected position on the local Recreation & Parks District, and youth soccer refereeing.

John Snyder, DTR, RDN - Website & Database Administrator

John was born in Berwick, PA and connets to the Talcott family tree through his grandmother, Amy Travila Talcott-Snyder-Gregory. In 2016, Gahrad Harvey approached me to discuss how he might make his genealogy work a collaborative effort that could be supported by multiple authors. After a bit of research, I found the Webtrees project, which is an open-source collaborative genealogy software. We setup a test environment and after a bit of review determined that it has the type of functionality we are looking for. The one theme that kept coming to the forefront of discussion was information integrity. If we are going to take the time to research and present information we should make every effort to make sure it is accurate and correct. Webtrees support that by offering a built-in editorial review workflow. All new content added to the website is flagged for review prior to being posted to the world. The editors are still working through validating the content, but once complete we hope this will be the single most complete Talcott family genealogy available online today.

In addition to this exciting project, John is a Registered Dietitian with a strong background in software design, development and testing. He created The Human Element, Inc., which provides nutrition informatics consulting services to a wide range of people and companies. John is currently employed full time by Diameter Health Inc., where he works as the lead medical terminologist. John specializes in the application of standardized terminologies in electronic health record systems and de-identified patient databases. Additional projects include a partnership with Nomad Systems Group based in Winder, GA to provide broad based IT solutions.